“I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 1/2 years. I love it because you are never bored … it is always challenging. You have team camaraderie with people cheering you on and encouraging you to do more … you can start at any fitness level … most people who come and try it out don’t want to leave.” – Cristyn

Mark B

Mark B

I had considered starting cross-fit for over a year. It wasn’t until my neighbor Ron invited me and drove me to RevFit the first time. I remember laughing when the coach, assessing my mobility, asked me to hold onto this bar and squat. With limited mobility I wondered, “How would I ever stand back up once after I squatted?” Here I am 52 weeks later, just getting home from doing a workout where I completed over 60 squats … WITHOUT THE BAR! And I can front squat 185 lbs. If you are looking for variety in your workout, with a group of people who will support and challenge you, and lead by a skilled and competent staff … join RevFit. I promise you will be glad you did.

Michelle L

I was asked to try CrossFit for a week free of charge — summer was upon me and I thought I needed to add more to my weekly workout — well, the results have been absolutely amazing. The staff at CrossFit are always helpful, encouraging, and promoting safe and highly effective ways to make a person’s body and spirit stronger!! It is a family friendly environment and the vibe is always high octane! I am so happy I made RevFitness a daily must do in my crazy life!!! P.S. I am also down 25 lbs.

Kelly K

Kelly K

When I started CrossFit in January 2015 I had no idea what I was starting. I was looking for a new workout program, and all I really wanted was something that was effective and bearable. I never expected to find something that made me enjoy working out, but I did! At rev fitness, I was welcomed into a community of people that support and encourage me every day. this community helps me push through difficult workouts and achieve what I never thought I could. I saw commitment from the community for the first time when someone who had already completed the workout came alongside me and ran with me until I finished my workout. The CrossFit community finds joy in cheering one another on down to the last 10 seconds. through that, I have learned to follow through and finish strong. because of rev fitness, I have been able to accomplish so much more that I thought. I’ve improved my endurance and flexibility and all around strength. I have been able to feel the immense satisfaction that comes from accomplishing a goal. CrossFit has been so formative in bettering me, both in my stamina and strength as well as in my character and drive.

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23408 W Apollo Ct, Lake Villa, IL 60046, USA
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