It is no longer enough to just play your sport and practice the fundamentals to succeed in your chosen sport.  To be a champion you must put in the hard work and sweat during the off-season. 

Every athlete who has the desire to compete at the highest level needs proper training. At Rev Fitness Center, we take this seriously. We surround our athletes with professionals who understand what it takes to reach those goals whether it be playing at a collegiate level or professionally. All our Sports Performance athletes will be assessed by our Licensed Physical Therapist (See Coaches Page for details) prior to the creation of their program.

Their individualized program will be created by a team of professionals who played in D1 Collegiate level sports. (See Coaches Page for Details). Their education, experience and fitness certifications give them a unique understanding of what it takes for an athlete to become their best.

When an athlete needs any form of dietary assistance, we use a registered and licensed Dietician.


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23408 W Apollo Ct, Lake Villa, IL 60046, USA
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