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Physical therapists help people with physical injuries or illnesses of to regain range of movement and control their pain. … They help determine the root causes of the trauma, counsel patients and work with them to create a plan for rehabilitation to help them achieve their goals and return to fully active lifestyles.


In Illinois, a physician’s order is needed to perform physical therapy.  Once you have that order, Colleen will perform a detailed evaluation that will help determine the course of treatment necessary.  RevRehab accepts all insurances and will verify your benefits before beginning treatment.

Treatment Methods included, but not limited to:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Manual Therapy
  • Balance Exercise
  • Vestibular Exercise
  • Modalities for pain:
  •    Heat
  •    Cryotherapy
  •    Ultrasound
  •    Electrical Stimulation
  • Post-operative Protocols/Rehab


I grew up in Schaumburg, IL and attended college on a D1 swimming scholarship. My experience is based on the work I have done in sports medicine/orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, vestibular diagnosis, and amputations. I believe in a holistic approach when treating my clients. I use manual therapy, kinesiology taping, and corrective exercises to help my clients achieve their goals. 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my three children. I am passionate about maintaining my health through physical activity such as CrossFit, weightlifting, volleyball, and any water sports.

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Toledo
Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the Medical College of Ohio (2003)
Licensed Physical Therapist
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance
First Aid/CPR Certified
Certified in Kinesiology Taping

OFFICE: 23408 Apollo Court, Lake Villa, IL 60046
PHONE: (847) 977-7188
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Movement Analysis Program (MAP)

“Movement is the language of the brain.  Bring attention to movement and you ignite new patterns”

Dr Perry Nichelson  D.C.

Session Type Description Session Length Cost
Evaluation Detail Assessment +Corrective Exercise 90 minutes $120
Full Session Re-Assess progress +Corrective Exercise 60 minutes $100
Short Session Re-Assess progress +Corrective Exercise 30 minutes $60

One-on-One sessions

Focused on your goals and needs

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Reduce risk of injury

Manual Therapy


Packages Sessions per Package Package Price
Rev I 4 short sessions $200  saving you $25
Rev II 1 full session  + 3 short sessions $250 saving you $30
Rev III 4 full sessions $350 saving you $50
Rev IV 8 short sessions $410 saving you $70
Rev V 2 full sessions + 6 short sessions $475 saving you $80


What is Kinesiology taping?

  • The tape is a thin, stretchy elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive…contains no latex
  • Over 50 brands on the market: RockTape, Kinesiotape, KT tape

How does Kinesiology Tape Work?

  • Facilitates proprioceptive information of the muscle skin and joint structures by stimulating the mechanoreceptors when a stretch is applied from the recoil of the tape
  • Inhibits proprioceptive and nociception information of muscle skin and joint structures by reducing input to the brain which helps to normalize muscle tone.

How can Kinesiology Taping be used?

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve muscle firing
  • Improve tissue mobility and range of motion
  • Improve alignment for postural correction

Edema reduction

Pricing for Kinesiology Taping (KT)

Kinesiology Tape as a non-invasive technique that reduces pain and increases movement, but also supports injured muscles, facilitates weakened muscles and increases blood flow.

Session Type Description Session Length Cost
Initial Session Screening and application of  *tape 30 minutes $60
Quick Tape Follow up application of *tape 15 minutes $30
Short Session Re-screen progress + application of *tape 15 minutes $45

*Tape is available for purchase in different colors and brands

Kinesiology Tape, by itself, will rarely serve as a stand alone treatment. However, when used in conjunction with other treatment methods (i.e. stretching/strengthening activities, massage, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, patient education, activity modification) a patient may find themselves getting better, faster than they had imagined possible.

23408 Apollo Court
Lake Villa, IL 60046
(847) 856-9014




23408 W Apollo Ct, Lake Villa, IL 60046, USA
Phone # 847-603-1019

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